Century Park Law Group -The Most Influential Law Firm on the Internet

Yes, you read that right. Personal Injury Law Firm is not only on Instagram. But is a poster child of how to do it right.

It started as a photo-sharing platform but quickly rose to become the most influential app of our generation, if you think Instagram is just for sunsets, selfies, and staged shots of food, you are sorely mistaken.  Century Park Law Group has revolutionized the personal injury space by making it more accessible and understandable for California residents. With the tagline, “We’re Making the Law Make Sense”, they are 100% dedicated to making personal injury law easy to understand.

With the sole focus on injury claims, they work tirelessly to ensure their clients get the full compensation they deserve.

One of the ways they have become so easy to talk to and contact is because they’re doing the majority of their marketing through Instagram, which makes them extremely accessible for anyone who has been injured and is scrolling through their phone as they recover.

Better still, anyone who follows them gets frequent updates on what they should do if they are in a circumstance where they may decide to claim – such as an auto accident. This kind of knowledge isn’t something many people know, but the evidence you collect in the seconds, minutes, and hours after an accident (when possible) are the most important.

Unique approach, trendsetting in Personal Injury and Legal Space is what helped them earn the title of “THE INSTAGRAM LAW FIRM”.  

With revolutionary Instagram content, Century Park Law Group is continuously setting up new trends and pushing the limits. With the new series called “Tough Love with Sahm,” they are discussing those difficult situations where a client must be told the bad news. Again, it’s about making the law make sense. Even when the news is bad.

Sahm Manouchehri, ESQ. Partner at Century Par Law Group comments on Century Park Law Group’s Social Media success:

 “The biggest challenge I had was deciphering what I wanted our message to be.  Everyone has seen the personal injury lawyer commercials and social media pages glamorizing how they can get you so much money.  I thought that it was not only a tacky message but failed to put the right light on our profession where we help injured people.  I even felt that this message capitalized on insurance companies’ image of us as “ambulance chasers.”  Then I had a simple epiphany: be educational while entertaining.  Simple as that.  We inform and educate our followers while making it entertaining.”

Sahm Manouchehri is a Beverly Hills-based attorney, public speaker, legal commentator, and Instagram legal influencer. 

He is one of the founding partners at the Century Park Law Group, LLP (“CPLG”) was co-founded in 2013. CPLG is not just one of the best personal injury law firms in California but is also considered An Instagram law firm, meaning they are the first law firms to bring the practice of injury law to Instagram.  CPLG successfully connects and educates not just potential clients but also other lawyers. With a strong focus on education, CPLG is creating a movement where they are making the law make sense.  CPLG was recently named “The Most Modern Law firm of 2020”. 

You can often see Sahm as one of the legal commentators on prestigious news outlets and watch him speak at legal conferences/webinars and at public events. 

For a long time, lawyers have been content to keep people in the dark using jargon that only those in the know can understand. Having a law firm dedicated to making the law clear to their clients is a great selling point. If Instagram can help them help more people, then it is a strategy perhaps more should use.

Century Park Law Group have experienced attorneys and staff that understand what it’s like to fight for either side of the personal injury argument, so they can anticipate the ways in which an insurance company may try to avoid paying out the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

To know more about Century Park Law Group don’t forget to follow them on social media:
Instagram: @cplglaw, Twitter: @cplglaw, Facebook: @centuryparklawgroup and LinkedIn: @century-park-law-group

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