Bringing Cutting Edge Technology and Premium Aesthetics in One Package – Whirlpool IntelliFresh Pro Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Your checkpoints for buying a refrigerator are somewhat similar to buying a car. It should be able to accommodate the (needs of ) entire family, must have the latest tech, must have the latest features and should definitely look good. While there are a lot of cars that would check all the right boxes, finding a refrigerator that is a powerhouse of technology, has state of the storage solutions and aesthetics can be quite a daunting task.

While the market seems to be flooded with a number of options, we can safely say that IntelliFresh Pro Bottom Mount Refrigerator by Whirlpool stands out of the lot. It is endowed with cutting-edge Adaptive Intelligence technology and advanced storage solutions, all packed into an avant-garde design that is super elegant & premium. The new IntelliFresh Pro is India’s most advanced bottom mounted refrigerator*. A perfect combination of brawn & brain – it keeps your food fresh for longer and looks good while doing so.

Whirlpool’s IntelliFresh Pro bottom mount refrigerator includes the freezer at the bottom and the fridge at the top. This new design format ensures that food items needed frequently are more accessible while the less frequently used freezer compartment sits at the bottom. This way you also end up bending much less while picking up food items from the fridge, making it more convenient especially for elders in the house.

Cutting Edge Technology

Adaptive Intelligence Technology – Whirlpools InteliFresh Pro Bottom Mount Refrigerator comes with three intellisensors that work alongside advanced microprocessors that do the magic it’s known for. These sensors can automatically detect temperatures outside the fridge, amount of food items inside it, and your usage pattern ( the number of times you open and close etc. ). The microprocessors use this information to control the cooling inside to an optimum level cooling. Whirlpool calls this process – Senses. Adapts. Controls ! and its pure genius.

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The process above works continuously to deliver long lasting freshness to your food items as the temperature inside is always maintained at a level required for effective longer preservation

Microblock & Zeolite Technology – Coupled with Microblock technology which prevents up to 99% bacterial growth and Zeolite technology which prevents excessive ripening, the refrigerator aces on the food preservation quotient.

Radial metal cooling – Its 3D airflow with a scientifically designed air tower, strategically placed vents, and air boosters, circulates cold air uniformly in a circular manner. The cold air doesn’t hit food items directly, thereby minimizing the moisture loss and keeping the food items fresh for longer.

All the above technologies and features enable it to deliver on its No. 1 in freshness* promise

Advanced Storage Solutions

Variable Temperature Zone – There’s a variable temperature zone that can be used to store items such as fruits and vegetables, and dairy items such as milk, cheese, or yoghurt. You can easily adjust a slider to choose the right mode, and the fridge will handle the rest.

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Carry and Serve Ice Tray – IntelliFresh Pro bottom mount fridge also comes with a portable ice tray that can be easily removed for a quick refill. You can also remove it completely to make extra room inside the freezer compartment. Small yet innovative changes like these make quite a difference in our lives.

Large Bottle Rack – And the big racks on the door ensures that your regular water storage bottles, cartons or cans are not cramped inside. The racks can hold 4 bottles of 2 litre capacity each in the big bottle rack and 5 bottles of 1 litre capacity each in the bottom rack.

In terms of sturdiness, the shelves inside can hold weight capacity of up to 240Kgs* which is a testimony of its strong built.

Premium Aesthetics

Whirlpool’s IntelliFresh Pro refrigerators also come with a highly attractive design. The design features a premium metallic finish along with a feather touch UI outside. The premium interiors make the IntelliFresh Pro perfect from inside too.

The feather touch display panel on the outside lets you adjust temperature and other basic operations with a simple touch. You can also easily select any of the four available presets which include Fast freeze, Quick chill, Eco mode, and Intellisense. The fridge looks so good, you’re bound to get asked about it whenever you have people coming over.

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If you’re in the market for a refrigerator that offers the latest in technology, combined with convenient features, all packed in an exquisite package, the Whirlpool IntelliFresh Pro is just for you.

The Intellifresh Pro range of Bottom Mount Refrigerator comes in 325 and 355 litres capacities within 2 and 3 star ratings. Entire range is available on up to 12* months No Cost EMI, making it very economical and easier to purchase. For more information on the product click here/visit –

*-t&c apply. Read detailed t&c at

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