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The owner of snack company Just the Cheese shares lessons he learned before and since getting into the family business.

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David Scharfman is the co-founder of Just the Cheese, a snack company. He talks with #ThePlaybook host David Meltzer about getting into the family business, lessons he learned from his poker career and the challenges of being a small business owner.

Scharfman talks about his professional background before re-launching his family’s snack business, including playing poker and working in China. He discusses early decisions he made when Just the Cheese was growing and the importance of learning from mistakes.

Scharfman offers new business owners advice to celebrate the highs without letting them lift you off the ground and to understand the lows without letting them hold you down. He advises staying an even keel, keeping to the middle through ups and downs. He also repeats advice his father gave him, which is to run your business like you’re going to run it forever, making decisions that consider the long-view.

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