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Get Creative With Washi Tape Wall Art

Washi tape is an incredibly versatile crafting material, capable of decorating walls in many different ways. Not only does it add personality to your space, but it’s also very affordable!

Easy to apply and peels away cleanly without leaving behind any marks, so you can quickly switch up your style whenever desired.

Make a Chevron Wall

Washi tape is an enjoyable and simple way to add vibrant color, pattern and texture to any space. It comes in various colors, patterns and widths so you can find one that meets your design needs. Plus, washi tape is durable, inexpensive and easily removed without leaving behind residue or damage on walls.

Washi tape printing can be used in many creative ways, from decorating dorm rooms and personalizing college items to creating wall art. Some people even choose to wrap vases and jars with tape for unique home decor.

Furthermore, you can use it to craft custom patterned paper for scrapbooking and other crafts. It’s an ideal material to dress up a plain lampshade or bring an old cabinet, desk or drawer back to life.

Before you can begin creating your chevron design, you’ll need a few supplies. Measure the width of your wall to get an estimate for how many strips to cut out and where they should go.

After cutting the strips, apply a base coat of paint. Then, paint each stripe a different color until the entire wall is covered. You may opt to do an ombre pattern for additional visual interest and flexibility.

The chevron pattern is a widely-used wall decoration. You can paint it in an array of hues, making it simple to find one that complements your room’s decor.

For instance, if your room has a neutral color scheme, you could add an accent of bright green to give your chevron stripes extra visual interest while still creating an uncluttered aesthetic.

Make a chevron wall with washi tape! Choose from different colors and types of tape, or mix two different ones together for unique shades each time.

This is an enjoyable project for kids to do at home. All it takes is some tape and some creativity to create this stunning work of art.

Make a Polka Dot Wall

Polka dots are an easy and fun way to decorate your home – whether you have kids’ rooms or just want to add some pizzazz to a neutral wall. Best of all? You have complete creative control over any design you choose!

Polka dot decals can also be used to create an eye-catching mural in your room. With pre-cut peel-and-stick decals, decorating a wall has never been simpler or faster than with paint! Plus, you have the freedom to mix and match different colors for the look of your dreams!

Begin your project by gathering all necessary supplies from Sherwin Williams at your nearest store. In addition to a basecoat of paint, you’ll require a compass or other round object for tracing circles onto stencil sheets. Additionally, one or two inch Low-Tack Safe-Release tape, an eight inch roller frame and cover, a brush, and a small roller pan with a liner are all essential pieces.

Once you’ve collected all your supplies, take some time to design the layout for your polka dot wall. It is essential that the pattern be planned out beforehand in order to position the stencils efficiently.

Begin by measuring how far apart you want your polka dot decals on the wall. You can do this easily by making a square of cardboard and poking a hole in its center. Once determined, proceed with installation!

Next, apply your stencils to the wall in any pattern you desire – from a precise grid pattern to an organic “confetti” display.

Once your design is complete, let it air-dry for a day or two. When completely dry, you can remove the decals.

If you don’t own a cutting machine, cutting out polka dot decals by hand is easy enough. Just remember that cutting long pieces of Smart Vinyl with an electronic cutting device such as the Cricut Joy, Explore 3, or Maker 3 will be much faster and easier.

Are you in need of an effortless way to beautify a room in your home? Try creating Polka Dot Wall with Washi Tape Wall Art! Not only will this give your space an eye-catching aesthetic, but it’s sure to wow everyone who visits!

Make a Shadow Box

DIY wall art with custom washi tape can be a quick and effortless project that requires minimal skill. Available in an array of colors or patterns to suit any taste, washi tape is sure to please everyone’s artistic side!

Create a shadow box for all of your precious photos, trinkets and mementos that need to stay safe and organized. These can range from sports awards to vacation souvenirs or family heirlooms – the possibilities are endless! Displaying these items in an eye-catching manner is easy with this technique!

Begin by collecting your favorite memories and selecting a theme. This could include something your child participated in during an activity, an exciting trip, or something recent that happened. Additionally, select colors to go along with that theme to create a color palette tailored for it.

Next, choose a frame that is the appropriate size for your collection of mementos. You can either purchase pre-made frames or create one yourself. This project is great for kids as it helps them hone their fine motor skills.

Once you have the frame, measure its front and back to get an exact measurement for how wide it should be. Cut sides to match. Additionally, you can use a hot glue gun to assemble the frame together.

Once your shadow box is assembled, hang it on a wall. Although this may seem intimidating at first, once you know how to hang it correctly, it becomes quite simple! You can even use a level to ensure the box remains level.

Finally, you must decide what kind of mementos you want in your shadow box. A common thread should run throughout all items for a well-designed and captivating display.

Once you have your theme decided, gather up all of your mementos and play around with the layout. Try layering different elements so each piece has some depth, then use glue or pins to secure each item securely in place. You could even add craft gems and stickers for extra visual interest!

Make a Home State Wall

Are you searching for creative ways to decorate your home without breaking the bank? Washi tape is the perfect solution. This reusable paper tape comes in an array of colors, prints and patterns so that it can be used for arts and crafts projects or turning plain furniture into a stunning work of art.

You can use washi tape to create wall decals or removable wallpaper, adorn kitchen cabinets with art prints and frames, add color to furniture like storage boxes and lampshades and more with ease!

Before you begin, you’ll need some cardstock and washi tape. These items can usually be found at most craft stores as well as many online retailers.

Next, you’ll need a template of your home state. You can use an old map or paper cut into the shape of your state.

Start by cutting out a rectangle slightly larger than your home state, then attach some strips of washi tape onto the cardstock template to form an outline.

Once the entire template has been covered with washi tape, use a sharp craft knife to carefully cut out the shapes. Be sure to keep the blade moving slowly and steadily so as not to score your cardstock.

Repeat this process for all states you wish to feature in your wall art piece. When each state is complete, carefully peel away each layer of washi tape to reveal its outline.

Once you’re finished, you’ll have a striking and colorful wall decoration to brighten any room in your house. Plus, it’s an ideal opportunity to showcase favorite family photos and memories!

This wall art is so easy to create and will provide hours of entertainment for your kids! They can draw all kinds of outlines with their favorite animals, mountains, skyscrapers or teepees using the reusable tape provided. Plus, since it’s reusable, you have the flexibility to switch it up whenever you please with a different look!

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