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Christian T-Shirt Tips: Front vs. Back Designs (and Other Popular Print Locations!)

It is easy (and, dare we say, even enjoyable) to create custom Christian t-shirts, particularly with Real Thread, but it is not quite as straightforward as sticking any old design on a white t-shirt and calling it a day. Yes, it can be that easy, but to create Christian t-shirts that people will want to wear, you need to give them more consideration.

The selection of the blank and the color are critical details. Not everyone looks nice in safety orange, after all! The positioning of your design, however, is an often disregarded design element. You see, here is where you gain a genuine sense of balance, framing, and all the other things they could discuss on Project Runway, as well as a true eye for t-shirt design.

Here is a 101 course in both front and Back t-shirt designs so that you may understand why you could select either place for your custom t-shirts before you set out to stretch your wings as a full-fledged custom t-shirt designer.

Why Opt for the Front Over the Back (or the Reverse)?

Although the placement of t-shirt designs may seem random, there is a method to the madness. A fast web search shows that many fashion manufacturers prefer a front graphic over a rear one. This presumptive preference may be accounted for in several ways. For starters, companies that want to profit from a well-known logo are more likely to place it prominently on the front of their products. Second, front-design t-shirts may still be a prominent component of the “fit” even when layered under a jacket, jumper, or another thin layering garment.

However, back designs also offer a few advantages! Because of how t-shirts drape over the Back of the wearer, designs on the Back of a t-shirt may be bigger than those on the front. Additionally, all-over graphics on a t-shirt are far more overt and challenging to pull off. A common compromise is a modest front chest pocket design with a bigger image on the reverse, which we will go into more detail about later. Customers of Kerusso and Christain clothing companies often choose this design because it expertly captures the delicate balancing act of t-shirt design.

When Beyonce said, “to the left, to the left,” she did not mention the front or the rear. There are endless methods to customize your canvas for Christian t-shirt design; the choice is far beyond black or white (well, front or back). A handful of our favorites are listed here!

The Best Places for T-Shirt Designs

Front Pocket + Back All-Over

As was already indicated, by leveraging both sides of your canvas, this balanced design enables you to experience the “best of both worlds.” The Parks Project’s design with a retro feel exemplifies why we like this look brilliantly and is likely to generate a remark along these lines: I like Jesus & coffee but what is on the reverse? Niceeee.”

Back Shoulder Blades

Do you want to ensure that your original t-shirt design bravely goes where few others have? Give this place a try! These designs draped over the shoulder blades give a distinctive element to your custom designs, drawing inspiration from sports uniforms and motorcycle club t-shirts. This illustration from the moto-inspired company Chrome Hearts shows how to use both the front Pocket and the rear shoulder blade, demonstrating that you may mix and match to your (Chrome) heart’s content.

Front Framed

This site perfectly captures this concept on how a work of art when done properly, and with a front-framed design, you can put an original piece of art on your shirt! Streetwear and quick fashion businesses love this strategy, but Real Thread customers have also experienced how it can elevate their personalized swag. The hard borders surrounding the main picture are this design’s trademark, but we also like to play around with wavy edges, bleeds that resemble spray paint, and circular frames over square ones.

Bonus: Sleeves!

Use every square inch of your personalized t-shirt as your canvas to create a work of art. In the fashion world, sleeve designs are becoming increasingly popular, and more and more Real Thread customers are starting to express their inner artists on both long and short t-shirt sleeves. Although we do not advise utilizing sleeves only as a canvas for your artwork, they might be the ideal ornamental garnish for your personalized t-shirt cake.

Want more Real Thread advice on designing personalized t-shirts? Send us a message, and one of our staff members (a real person) would be happy to assist you in realizing your vision.

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